8 ways to speed up renovation work

8 ways to speed up renovation work

8 ways to speed up renovation work 1600 1068 Housewell
  • Set goals and set deadlines. Set stages, for example “on Tuesday and Wednesday – renovation of the kitchen” or “27 August – replace the floor covering”, and stick with it. If necessary, set rewards for each stage, such as an evening outing to the cinema with the whole family.
  • Make a detailed shopping list. It is important not to go to the store every now and then for a package of nails or tape. We usually remember about the paint, rollers and brushes, but a sufficient supply of foil, face masks, safety goggles, gloves, brushes or gypsum can too easily be forgotten if not written down.
  • Choose clothing. Look through your wardrobe and choose old clothes that you can get dirty and then throw away without regret.
  • Think about equipment. Even if you remember about a ladder, buckets and drill, you do not necessarily include additional equipment: scoops, sweeps, vacuum cleaner or dust absorber. Meanwhile, keeping the rooms clean significantly speeds up the renovation work.
  • Ask for help. Renovation work carried out alone gives a lot of satisfaction, but with the help of friends or family it will be easier and faster. Make sure that the helpers also work according to the schedule.
  • Think about accommodation. On-going renovation work can make it difficult to function daily. That is why it is worth staying with family or friends, if they live close enough, while the work is being done. It is also worth thinking about finding care for children and animals to avoid additional confusion, or even accidents.
  • Take tips and tricks from those that KNOW best. If you do not always know how to effectively deal with resistant wallpaper or tiles, look for hints in books, the press and the Internet. It is better to spend 20-30 minutes to review the available advice than to waste time and materials – and then have to look for a professional who will fix your mistakes.
  • Think about a good climate. Favourite music, delicious snacks during a break or a sip of good wine at the end of the working day, will help make the time less difficult. With a positive attitude and a good mood, you work more efficiently and faster.

And if you cannot imagine doing the renovation work yourself, or you need advice and tips, you can always CONTACT US.

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