Where to spend time with family in Berkshire?

Where to spend time with family in Berkshire? 1600 1067 Housewell
  • A royal trip! If you are looking for an interesting place in Berkshire to spend time in, remember about the real gem – Windsor Castle. You can visit this still inhabited castle and beautiful gardens. To this day, Queen Elizabeth II receives her guests here, and in the chapel of Saint George, in accordance with medieval tradition, the Order of the Garter is awarded. Children will love the Doll House of Queen Mary, a replica of the aristocratic house.
  • A musical feast! If you plan to visit Berkshire in August, you can’t miss the Reading Festival. This is one of the oldest festivals, being a true holiday of lovers of various musical genres. It was organised for the first time in 1961, under the name of the “National Jazz Festival”. Today it is an extremely important event on the music map, not only of Great Britain, but also the whole of Europe.
  • Scenery from Harry Potter! If you like Hogwarts wizard movies, you can’t miss the city of Bracknell, west of London. The highlight of this trip should be Picket Post Close, which appears as “Pivet Drive” in the movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”
  • Entertainment not only for the youngest! 25 million blocks were used to build Legoland in Windsor. A family trip to this place is a guarantee of great fun for young and old! Thematic zones, interactive attractions and beautiful surroundings ensure you spend a pleasant and active time there.
  • Something for animal lovers! Bucklebury Farm & Deer Safari Park is a great idea for all-day entertainment for a family in a truly idyllic style. You will get to know animal life there, go for a tractor ride, and in case of adverse weather you can spend time on slides. The attractions are adapted to children of all ages – you will certainly find something for yourself!
  • Sport emotions! Probably not everyone knows that Reading is closely related to rugby. Whilst in this city, go to the local stadium where rugby players train, and play in the Aviva Premiership. Maybe you will be able to observe players preparing for their next matches?
  • Lovely Eton! When planning a tour of Berkshire, mark the city of Eton on your map. This is where you can see one of the oldest elite boarding schools for men – Eton College. It is worth preparing a plan of your stay in advance, because the college is open to visitors only from May to September, offering an hour-long tour of the facility. Really worthwhile!
  • Newbury Rainforest! Lovers of exotic nature cannot miss The Living Rainforest in Newbury. This is an original and unique place where you can smell the rainforest, hear exotic sounds, and discover amazing views. Over 750 plant and animal species have been transferred here to the English climate, including endangered species. The Living Rainforest is a great idea for a family trip!
  • Healthy body, healthy mind! If you are looking for an active way to spend time with your family, go to Thatcham. In this charming town, considered the oldest, permanently inhabited town in Great Britain, is the Ice Sports Centre where you can try skating or hockey. Supporters of fitness can take advantage of the gym, equipped with training equipment.
  • Horse Racing! Ascot is a place known to everyone. Its popularity is mainly due to horse races, which have been taking place since 1711. When in the area, don’t forget to check the attractions calendar to find exciting races, or events prepared especially for children to take part in. It’s a great idea for a trip on a sunny day!

Where to spend time with family in Oxfordshire?

Where to spend time with family in Oxfordshire? 1800 1204 Housewell
  • Combine business with pleasure! Take a short trip to the Cotswold hills, visiting Blenheim Palace, which is the only property of its kind in England that has been described as a Palace. This is where Winston Churchill was born. You will be delighted not only with the surroundings, but also the beautiful architecture of the building, designed in a Baroque style.
  • Education at its best! When thinking about spending time in Oxfordshire, don’t forget about the county capital, Oxford. Rich university traditions, majestic buildings and beautiful architecture are the features that best describe this unique place. Plan also time to visit the oldest museum in Great Britain – the Ashmolean Museum. It is a real pearl on the world map of university museums.
  • When visiting Oxfordshire, remember the city of Banbury on the River Cherewell. On the list of places to visit, also add Oxford Canal and Broughton Castle, which are captivating, at any time of the year.
  • A family picnic in Bicester! A beautiful park, lots of attractions for children, contact with nature – this is a brief description of Garth Park in Bicester. Everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of age. Take a picnic with you and relax in the midst of lush greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. A perfect proposition for family integration!
  • Automotive trip! Today we invite you to Wallingford, where you will find the unique Aston Martin museum. It will not only delight the males in the family, but fast cars are also the domain of women. After visiting this unique place, don’t forget to check out Wallinngford Castle Gardens & Meadows to see the ruins of the castle and relax in the beautiful gardens.
  • Something for bird lovers! Oxford is only 9 km from the village of Wheatley. Go there to meet the birds of prey. Wheatley Birds Of Prey is an opportunity to enjoy falconry shows and see the power of nature up close. The trip will be not only be entertaining, but also a huge dose of natural knowledge.
  • Railway miniatures! For everyone who wants to move back in time and see what transport looked like in the 1920s and 1930s, at least for a moment, we invite you to Long Wittenham. Here you will find the unique Pendon Museum, run by volunteers who will tell you the story of the English countryside.
  • Fairytale farm! A trip to Southcombe is a real treat for children. Fairytale Farm is waiting for them, with lots of attractions and six entertainment zones. The huge sandpit, fairy tale characters, mouse city or the rabbit hole are just a few of the suggestions you’ll find at Fairytale Farm. Reserve a minimum of three hours to see everything that this magical place offers.
  • Oxford Hogwarts! Harry Potter needs no introduction. When going on a family trip to Oxford, you can’t miss Christ Church College, which was the prototype of the Hogwarts books. Majestic university buildings also played significant roles in film productions such as 102 Dalmatians and X-Men: First Class.
  • Vegetation paradise! Nature lovers will definitely be interested in the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. The place, called magical, consists of three zones where you will see beautiful vegetation from around the world. Some specimens can be admired in greenhouses, others are located outside (water and rock park), and most are in the middle of the garden. In the Botanical Garden you can combine rest with an interesting time spent with your family.

How to make your house more functional and easier to clean

How to make your house more functional and easier to clean 550 367 Housewell

Less means more. The fewer items you have, the easier it is to manage them. So, get rid of unnecessary things right away: give them to those in need, share things out among your friends, but if you find it difficult to part with anything, pack and put them in your garage, attic or self-storage.

  • Don’t keep things on top – hide them in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers. Give up knick-knacks. The fewer objects in sight, the greater the sense of order and inner peace.
  • Think about organising space. Ask a specialist for help to make the most of your usable space. Especially in the kitchen – the arrangement of worktops; the position of the fridge and sink is of great importance.
  • Invest in simple, easy-to-clean furniture – without protrusions, patterns and edges where dust easily accumulates.
  • Form good habits:
    • put things back in place
    • make the bed immediately after getting up
    • clean up while preparing a meal
    • wash up while waiting for the water to boil for tea
  • Share cleaning with your family. Determine that each household member is responsible for one room (kitchen, bathroom, living room) or for a given cleaning chore (vacuuming, washing, cleaning windows, etc.)
  • Have space in every room for things that cannot be categorised (drawer, cabinet, box). But only one space.
  • Give everything its place, where it will always be found – e.g. key hooks in the hall, along with a shelf or box for phones and chargers.
  • Organise things in cupboards and drawers. At the back, place those things you rarely use, at the front, things that are in constant use.
  • Invest in “maintenance-free” items: non-creasing fabrics, surfaces, and easy-to-clean items.
  • To avoid hanging clothes on furniture (chair backs, bed edges, wardrobe doors, etc.) invest in hooks for the back of the door, or specially designed standing hangers
  • Use old things by giving them new functions: e.g. make a dresser from an old trunk; from a pallet a frame under a mattress or a sofa, from a newspaper rack; from a bicycle a flower bed; from a mat a dog bed.

Earth is our home, let’s keep it clean. How? Have you heard about ‘zero waste’?

Earth is our home, let’s keep it clean. How? Have you heard about ‘zero waste’? 550 347 Housewell

It is a trend that involves consciously reducing the littering of our Planet, through making alternative decisions while shopping, at home and during waste management. How exactly do you do it? You can read all about it below.

…In the kitchen

  • Do not buy in advance. We throw away tons of food every year into the bin – usually because we buy too much and store it improperly at home. Therefore, always make a shopping list and strictly stick to it.
  • Use food until the end. If you have something left over from dinner – put it in the fridge and use it in your meal the next day. Make meatballs with rice, casserole with pasta and egg paste from eggs
  • Make use of leftovers: prepare a coffee scrub with coffee grounds, peel from citrus fruit for bird feeders, and egg shells to fertilize pot plant soil.

… On a journey

  • Do not print tickets. Regardless of whether you travel by plane, train or bus, you can show your digital ticket on the screen of your phone.
  • Have a water bottle with you. This will avoid buying water in a plastic bottle. In winter take a thermos (flask) with you.
  • It doesn’t matter if you go on a picnic to Cutteslowe Park, White Horse Hill or to Hartslock Nature Reserve, every time take a picnic basket – not only will you avoid producing rubbish, but the dishes will look beautiful. Pack moist products in reusable containers, and use waxed wraps instead of food foil

… In the bathroom

  • Make cosmetics yourself. You can find many recipes for cosmetics made from everyday food products.
  • Buy toilet paper in bulk. Usually, rolls are packed into plastic packs of 4, 6 or 8 pieces. However, more and more stores are also selling individual rolls. They are available in bulk, with only in a paper jacket.
  • Use reusable make-up remover pads that you cut from an unnecessary towel, terry sheet or pillowcase. Such pads can be washed in a washing machine (preferably in a laundry bag or in a tulle bag) and used again and again.
  • Give up personal hygiene items. Sanitary pads and tampons can be successfully replaced with a menstrual cup. Popular disposable diapers can be replaced with reusable diapers

… When shopping

  • Do not take plastic bags. Always keep your own material tote bag in your handbag, which you can pack your purchases into.
  • Give up thin bags, in which fruits and vegetables are usually weighed. I weigh individual items and print the price directly on the peel. Or I use thin canvas bags
  • Choose the products without packaging. Use your boxes and bags for loose products
  • Do not take a payment confirmation. When you pay by card at the store, cashiers ask if you want to print a receipt. Refuse if you don’t need it.

We CARE deeply about protecting our Mother Earth.
For example, our team use only specially treated cloths, ex. nano silver cloths when doing cleaning work for our clients. We know that you care too… Together, let’s keep our Planet clean. Let’s start from Oxfordshire.

11 ideas on how to add luxury to everyday life

11 ideas on how to add luxury to everyday life 1800 1200 Housewell
  • Go shopping with an assistant: stylist, make-up artist, bra designer. Buy what is really useful, convenient and makes you look beautiful, not what the salesman in a boutique wants to sell you.
  • Take care of nutrition. Drop the thought of sandwiches bought on the run. Think about what diet (Vegan? Ketogenic? Organic? Etc.) suits you best and try to cook at home. Don’t know how to do it? Get help from a dietitian. Luxury is taking care of yourself.
  • Live your rhythm. Friday evening with a book in hand, if you like it. Going to the club on Tuesday, because you just feel like it.
  • Take care of your clothes. But not the “to work” or “to go out”, but “for home”. Who said that items worn at home shouldn’t be washed, stretched or stained? Same day and night underwear. Buy less things but good quality and look beautiful even for yourself. It perfectly raises the mood.
  • Surround yourself with nice items. Do you like sculpture or paintings? Buy and look at them every day. Read poems more often and look through art albums. Or maybe you could try to create something yourself?
  • Pamper your senses. Buy fresh flowers at least once a week. Burn candles and incense in the evenings. Use good air fresheners that contain natural ingredients. Turn on gentle classical or meditative music – it calms and clears the mind.
  • Satisfy your whims. Favourite cigars, a tot of old whiskey, a designer niche perfume, a lime handbag – from time to time you can give yourself some luxury!
  • Meet with friends and acquaintances. But not in business matters or “for children to play”. Just spend time with people you like. Go together for a quiet walk, drink coffee without any hurry.
  • Choose physical activity that will give you real pleasure. Instead of bothering with the gym or practicing Thai boxing because it is fashionable, choose classical dance, swimming, yoga, tai chi or just energetic walks. This is going to be time, just for you, not for a trainer or a slim figure.
  • Help others. Opt for volunteering to support those who are worse off. Adopt an animal if you can. You will give someone interest, and a home, enrich your inner life and feel that you are doing something really good.
  • Reduce boring and tiring activities. You don’t have to wash, iron, vacuum, organise, order, reserve, bring, mow or wash by yourself. Delegate activities that add nothing to your life. It is a luxury to do what develops or gives pleasure.

We are happy to help you, just contact us.

10 ways to create an eco-friendly home

10 ways to create an eco-friendly home 1800 1200 Housewell

You can start to become Eco-friendly by becoming aware of the how your choices affect the environment.

  • Consider installing solar batteries, collectors or turbines. Consult a specialist who will suggest what solutions to use.
  • Save water: water the flowers after washing the vegetables, use mainly cold.
  • Save electricity: turn off the light when nobody is in the room, turn off the “stand by” mode in appliances, boil water in the kettle for the whole family, and not for each separately, buy bulbs with high ergonomic efficiency; lower the temperature in the house by 1 degree.
  • Do not use chemical household cleaning products: make home made household cleaners yourself, or buy organic – for cleaning at home, all you need is vinegar, citric acid, baking soda or only specially treated cloths, ex. nano silver cloths. BTW, our team use these cloths when doing cleaning work for our clients.
  • Do not buy products in packaging: choose unpackaged products, such as by weight or in ecological packaging, eliminate disposable plastic bags.
  • Sort waste. The least that goes to a landfill, the better. It’s not difficult – just get into the habit of throwing waste into the right container. Put a composter in the garden.
  • Buy locally and seasonally. Try to buy locally produced or at least food from the same continent. Remember that seasonal fruits and vegetables have the most nutritional value.
  • Do not buy unnecessary gadgets, only what is needed. Before you buy a new item, find out if it can be borrowed, replaced with something else, or buy a second-hand one. Instead of buying new clothes, swap with friends. Also, visit charity shops.
  • Avoid the car. If you can, choose a bike or public transport, or carpooling.
  • Process food that you cannot eat on time: freeze, dry, prepare casseroles, sauces or pies.

Remember: an “ecological” house also means “economical”. If you need more hints on how to run a greener home, email us.

What to do to make a bouquet of flowers enjoy you longer?

What to do to make a bouquet of flowers enjoy you longer? 1500 1247 Housewell
  • The flowers should be cut when they are not yet fully developed, preferably in the morning.
  • Choose only healthy plants, because disease, apart from being the source of infection, gives off a lot of ethylene – a gas that accelerates aging.
  • Cut flowers are best with a length just a little bigger than the vase.
  • It is best to cut at an angle so that the stem can easily absorb water.
  • The longer the cut, the better the water will be taken up.
  • Because the largest pairing takes place through the leaves, it would be best to have only a few.
  • When arranging flowers in a vase, there should be no leaves under the water, because they quickly rot and harm the flowers.
  • After cutting, flowers must be placed in water as soon as possible.
  • Ideally, the water in the vase should be changed every day, this will prevent growth of the  bacteria that causes rot.
  • It is also worth pruning the tips of flower stalks frequently.
  • Wash the vase as often as possible to remove bacteria.
  • The water should be at room temperature, or even warmer, approx. 35C at the time of arranging flowers in the vase.
  • You can also buy and use conditioners for cut flowers that will extend their longevity, or alternatively, use the home method by adding some sugar to the water in the vase.
  • Do not put the vase of flowers in the sun,  high temperature causes plants to wilt much faster.

And our final tip – Did you know that asters, gladioli, gardenias, daisies, lilies, carnations and peonies are flowers that stay fresh the longest?

10 ideas on how to make moving house a less problematic one

10 ideas on how to make moving house a less problematic one 1800 1200 Housewell

A few weeks before the planned move:

  • Assemble cardboard boxes, collect string, tape, old newspapers (including advertising magazines), foil, leftover textiles for packing and protecting your belongings
  • Browse the contents of the cabinets and drawers one by one and throw away anything unnecessary
  • Arrange contracts for two-day care for a child, a dog and a cat, to avoid an accident during the moving chaos and rush.

On the day:

  • Prepare a survival kit: change of clothes, pyjamas, basic medicines and cosmetics, tapes, scissors, sewing kit, lighter, documents, phones, wallets, tablets, chargers, contacts (for new neighbours, plumber, electrician, doctor, food delivery etc.), keys to the old and new apartment, dry snacks, bottled water and ingredients for the first meal, e.g. Spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  • Pack things from each room separately, it will make unpacking easier
  • Pack small items into larger ones, e.g.., pack spices in a pot and cover with a lid; jewellery and other small items stick with tape to cartons or paper tubes
  • Clearly describe the boxes (left bottom cabinet) and packages (shelves from the living room) and take pictures of the contents of the boxes to avoid searching all
  • Clothes that hang on hangers pack together in garbage bags
  • Take pictures of cable systems, screw sequences, assembly instructions, and then you won’t have problems with re-assembling everything
  • Leave a vacuum cleaner, trash bags or boxes and wet cleaning tissues on top

If you are still scared about the move, call us. Together, it will go much faster! We operate in the Oxfordshire and Berkshire areas.

5 tips for a perfect children’s party

5 tips for a perfect children’s party 1800 1200 Housewell

Holidays are a time when we want to devote more attention to children. Why not organise a party for their friends? How to do it?

  • Place: summer weather allows you to play not only in the living room, but also in the garden (do not hide the inflatable pool!) or even in the park. All you need is a place to play, pennants, ribbons and balloons.
  • Theme: animals (Bunny party), characters from cartoons (Frozen, Lion King) chosen motif (pirates, princes and princesses). Children love to dress up!
  • Invitations and decorations cannot be overlooked. No ready garlands – help the children prepare everything by themselves. All you need is paper, tissue paper, glue, scissors, balloons – and some patience.
  • Music: selected for the theme of the event: pirate shanties, the musical Lion King or Frozen.
  • Snacks: they should be small, easy to eat, light and tasty. Remember, children like to eat what they know. They do not need exotic dishes. Sufficient fruit, vegetables, dips, sandwiches, tartlets, kebabs, and plenty of drinking water and fresh juices.

And if you do not have time during the day, older children can be invited late afternoon for a movie marathon in the summer garden ‘cinema.’ Who will sell the popcorn and tickets? Remember: you need to ask the children for help with cleaning up after the party.

If you do not have time to organise your party, please remember, you can always contact us. We will do it with pleasure for you. We operate in the Oxfordshire and Berkshire areas.

5 ideas for a beautiful garden

5 ideas for a beautiful garden 1800 1200 Housewell
  • “Island-flower bed” placed on the lawn, a paved surface, or on a terrace. It diversifies the space and is an additional decorative element.
  • Stone. It does not always have to be a gnome or a sculpture. Equally, the garden can decorated with a boulder that will not disturb the natural character of the surroundings.
  • Elevated flower bed. An interesting, practical and aesthetic solution. It enlivens space, introduces a “third dimension” and at the same time decorates.
  • Flower bed formed from a tree trunk. In every garden there are trees that over time, need to be cut down. You can always leave the trunk and convert it to a flower bed.
  • Terrace curtains. A very practical element. It covers not only the eyes of neighbours, but also cuts out the sun, mosquitoes, etc. At the same time, curtains create an interesting decorative covered terrace, and adds charm.

Do you need more inspiration? Please let us know.
Our specialists have a lot of ideas that will help you create your dream garden. We operate in the Oxfordshire and Berkshire areas.

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