8 ways to speed up renovation work

8 ways to speed up renovation work 1600 1068 Housewell
  • Set goals and set deadlines. Set stages, for example “on Tuesday and Wednesday – renovation of the kitchen” or “27 August – replace the floor covering”, and stick with it. If necessary, set rewards for each stage, such as an evening outing to the cinema with the whole family.
  • Make a detailed shopping list. It is important not to go to the store every now and then for a package of nails or tape. We usually remember about the paint, rollers and brushes, but a sufficient supply of foil, face masks, safety goggles, gloves, brushes or gypsum can too easily be forgotten if not written down.
  • Choose clothing. Look through your wardrobe and choose old clothes that you can get dirty and then throw away without regret.
  • Think about equipment. Even if you remember about a ladder, buckets and drill, you do not necessarily include additional equipment: scoops, sweeps, vacuum cleaner or dust absorber. Meanwhile, keeping the rooms clean significantly speeds up the renovation work.
  • Ask for help. Renovation work carried out alone gives a lot of satisfaction, but with the help of friends or family it will be easier and faster. Make sure that the helpers also work according to the schedule.
  • Think about accommodation. On-going renovation work can make it difficult to function daily. That is why it is worth staying with family or friends, if they live close enough, while the work is being done. It is also worth thinking about finding care for children and animals to avoid additional confusion, or even accidents.
  • Take tips and tricks from those that KNOW best. If you do not always know how to effectively deal with resistant wallpaper or tiles, look for hints in books, the press and the Internet. It is better to spend 20-30 minutes to review the available advice than to waste time and materials – and then have to look for a professional who will fix your mistakes.
  • Think about a good climate. Favourite music, delicious snacks during a break or a sip of good wine at the end of the working day, will help make the time less difficult. With a positive attitude and a good mood, you work more efficiently and faster.

And if you cannot imagine doing the renovation work yourself, or you need advice and tips, you can always CONTACT US.

A few tips to having a cleaner house

A few tips to having a cleaner house 1400 700 Housewell
  1. Always put things back in the place they belong, and demand this from everybody in the house – everything must have its place.
  2. Clean your home a little every day.
  3. Get rid of things you do not need, those that are damaged or you just do not like; the less things in the house the easier it is to keep order.
  4. Read the book ‘The Magic of cleaning’ by Marie Kondo.
  5. Clear up small things straight away. It does not make sense to postpone small house chores, because planning their implementation will take the same amount of time as their implementation.
  6. Provide yourself with organisers and containers for larger and small things that tend to be muddled.
  7. Clean the house by turning on your favourite music and sipping a glass of wine.

If, despite these tips, your home us still untidy, contact us…

10 unobvious reasons why it is always worth having a home in order

10 unobvious reasons why it is always worth having a home in order 1400 933 Housewell

And I do not mean the bacteria breeding in the dirt that cause diseases – this goes without saying!  I’m talking about organising the space in which we live.

  1. Time-saving. When everything has its place and you do not have to look for a tie, gloves or flour every time, everything goes smoothly and quickly. You leave the house in time, you are not late for parties and you are happy to bake a cake for Sunday afternoon. You also do not have to waste time on a general clean-up, if you regularly check the contents of wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and shelves.
  2. Saving money. How is it? The fact that you do not know whether you have dishwasher tablets at home, because “they were probably in a cupboard”,  it is very likely that you will buy another pack.  The fifth this month. And you would certainly prefer to spend this money differently.
  3. Peace. Even if the outside is chaotic and life becomes complicated, your nice and clean house becomes a real oasis, where you can rest and regenerate.
  4. A sense of control. If you manage your possessions and belongings, you gain confidence, and it is easier to organise your everyday life.
  5. Guests are always welcomed. You do not stress that somebody can visit you spontaneously and see that your home is a mess. That’s why you like guests, even those unannounced.
  6. More efficient work. Clutter and lack of control cause stress and confusion, which in turn is not conducive to concentration on tasks. It is difficult to pay bills efficiently and quickly when you first have to spend half an hour looking for all the invoices – and the next 20 minutes looking for a pen!
  7. Order, convenience and space are conducive to creativity. You do not believe? Check it!
  8. You can build a better image for yourself by being seen as an efficiently organised and trustworthy person.
  9. By arranging your things quickly you will come to the conclusion that you do not need many of them, and will gladly give them to those in need. And this will give you the pleasure of giving.
  10. Ordered space is harmonious, and gives the impression of pleasure.

And you? What other benefits do you see from a well organised and clean house? And how do you try to maintain this order?

7 ideas on what to do with children during half term

7 ideas on what to do with children during half term 1280 853 Housewell

We are happy when planning a vacation with the family, but sometimes it happens that after 2-3 days with children we have had enough of each other. And with a sigh of relief – or defeat – we let them play on their console or watch cartoons.
And it would be good to pull them away from tablets, cells, and laptops … Just what to offer in return?

Here are some ideas that may be useful:

  1. Bake cookies together. Let the children find the recipe on the internet with the exact baking instructions. Go together and buy the ingredients. Mix, knead, decorate and then think about who to invite for tea, or to whom give the delicious efforts as a gift.
  2. Get out the ludo, chess, draughts, memo, jenga, etc. and play the whole family. You can organise a league of board games and enter an element of competition.
  3. Pull out old photo albums and show your children what your childhood looked like. Tell them about what you usually had/didn’t have, who your best friend was, what you did not like at school and why you wore such strange clothes.
  4. Organise a party for friends and their children: prepare invitations, small snacks, decorate the living room, choose music and plan games for adults and children.
  5. Go for a walk – something as simple as that. Through the meadows, to the forest, to the park. Catch the beauty of nature.
  6. Take care of sport: a bicycle trip, a family getaway to the pool or a basketball or football game in the garden or on the pitch, start the most hardened lovers of computer games on a journey of healthy outdoor pursuits.
  7. If you have older children, you can suggest they look for a job: cut the grass, do the shopping for elderly neighbours, go for a walk with a dog – if you don’t have one, borrow one from a neighbour.

But the most important thing is – being TOGETHER.

And when you run out of ideas, remember that we are here to help you – Housewell
You can always rely on us!

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