10 unobvious reasons why it is always worth having a home in order

10 unobvious reasons why it is always worth having a home in order

10 unobvious reasons why it is always worth having a home in order 1400 933 Housewell

And I do not mean the bacteria breeding in the dirt that cause diseases – this goes without saying!  I’m talking about organising the space in which we live.

  1. Time-saving. When everything has its place and you do not have to look for a tie, gloves or flour every time, everything goes smoothly and quickly. You leave the house in time, you are not late for parties and you are happy to bake a cake for Sunday afternoon. You also do not have to waste time on a general clean-up, if you regularly check the contents of wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and shelves.
  2. Saving money. How is it? The fact that you do not know whether you have dishwasher tablets at home, because “they were probably in a cupboard”,  it is very likely that you will buy another pack.  The fifth this month. And you would certainly prefer to spend this money differently.
  3. Peace. Even if the outside is chaotic and life becomes complicated, your nice and clean house becomes a real oasis, where you can rest and regenerate.
  4. A sense of control. If you manage your possessions and belongings, you gain confidence, and it is easier to organise your everyday life.
  5. Guests are always welcomed. You do not stress that somebody can visit you spontaneously and see that your home is a mess. That’s why you like guests, even those unannounced.
  6. More efficient work. Clutter and lack of control cause stress and confusion, which in turn is not conducive to concentration on tasks. It is difficult to pay bills efficiently and quickly when you first have to spend half an hour looking for all the invoices – and the next 20 minutes looking for a pen!
  7. Order, convenience and space are conducive to creativity. You do not believe? Check it!
  8. You can build a better image for yourself by being seen as an efficiently organised and trustworthy person.
  9. By arranging your things quickly you will come to the conclusion that you do not need many of them, and will gladly give them to those in need. And this will give you the pleasure of giving.
  10. Ordered space is harmonious, and gives the impression of pleasure.

And you? What other benefits do you see from a well organised and clean house? And how do you try to maintain this order?

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