11 ideas on how to add luxury to everyday life

11 ideas on how to add luxury to everyday life

11 ideas on how to add luxury to everyday life 1800 1200 Housewell
  • Go shopping with an assistant: stylist, make-up artist, bra designer. Buy what is really useful, convenient and makes you look beautiful, not what the salesman in a boutique wants to sell you.
  • Take care of nutrition. Drop the thought of sandwiches bought on the run. Think about what diet (Vegan? Ketogenic? Organic? Etc.) suits you best and try to cook at home. Don’t know how to do it? Get help from a dietitian. Luxury is taking care of yourself.
  • Live your rhythm. Friday evening with a book in hand, if you like it. Going to the club on Tuesday, because you just feel like it.
  • Take care of your clothes. But not the “to work” or “to go out”, but “for home”. Who said that items worn at home shouldn’t be washed, stretched or stained? Same day and night underwear. Buy less things but good quality and look beautiful even for yourself. It perfectly raises the mood.
  • Surround yourself with nice items. Do you like sculpture or paintings? Buy and look at them every day. Read poems more often and look through art albums. Or maybe you could try to create something yourself?
  • Pamper your senses. Buy fresh flowers at least once a week. Burn candles and incense in the evenings. Use good air fresheners that contain natural ingredients. Turn on gentle classical or meditative music – it calms and clears the mind.
  • Satisfy your whims. Favourite cigars, a tot of old whiskey, a designer niche perfume, a lime handbag – from time to time you can give yourself some luxury!
  • Meet with friends and acquaintances. But not in business matters or “for children to play”. Just spend time with people you like. Go together for a quiet walk, drink coffee without any hurry.
  • Choose physical activity that will give you real pleasure. Instead of bothering with the gym or practicing Thai boxing because it is fashionable, choose classical dance, swimming, yoga, tai chi or just energetic walks. This is going to be time, just for you, not for a trainer or a slim figure.
  • Help others. Opt for volunteering to support those who are worse off. Adopt an animal if you can. You will give someone interest, and a home, enrich your inner life and feel that you are doing something really good.
  • Reduce boring and tiring activities. You don’t have to wash, iron, vacuum, organise, order, reserve, bring, mow or wash by yourself. Delegate activities that add nothing to your life. It is a luxury to do what develops or gives pleasure.

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