10 ways to create an eco-friendly home

10 ways to create an eco-friendly home

10 ways to create an eco-friendly home 1800 1200 Housewell

You can start to become Eco-friendly by becoming aware of the how your choices affect the environment.

  • Consider installing solar batteries, collectors or turbines. Consult a specialist who will suggest what solutions to use.
  • Save water: water the flowers after washing the vegetables, use mainly cold.
  • Save electricity: turn off the light when nobody is in the room, turn off the “stand by” mode in appliances, boil water in the kettle for the whole family, and not for each separately, buy bulbs with high ergonomic efficiency; lower the temperature in the house by 1 degree.
  • Do not use chemical household cleaning products: make home made household cleaners yourself, or buy organic – for cleaning at home, all you need is vinegar, citric acid, baking soda or only specially treated cloths, ex. nano silver cloths. BTW, our team use these cloths when doing cleaning work for our clients.
  • Do not buy products in packaging: choose unpackaged products, such as by weight or in ecological packaging, eliminate disposable plastic bags.
  • Sort waste. The least that goes to a landfill, the better. It’s not difficult – just get into the habit of throwing waste into the right container. Put a composter in the garden.
  • Buy locally and seasonally. Try to buy locally produced or at least food from the same continent. Remember that seasonal fruits and vegetables have the most nutritional value.
  • Do not buy unnecessary gadgets, only what is needed. Before you buy a new item, find out if it can be borrowed, replaced with something else, or buy a second-hand one. Instead of buying new clothes, swap with friends. Also, visit charity shops.
  • Avoid the car. If you can, choose a bike or public transport, or carpooling.
  • Process food that you cannot eat on time: freeze, dry, prepare casseroles, sauces or pies.

Remember: an “ecological” house also means “economical”. If you need more hints on how to run a greener home, email us.

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