Earth is our home, let’s keep it clean. How? Have you heard about ‘zero waste’?

Earth is our home, let’s keep it clean. How? Have you heard about ‘zero waste’?

Earth is our home, let’s keep it clean. How? Have you heard about ‘zero waste’? 550 347 Housewell

It is a trend that involves consciously reducing the littering of our Planet, through making alternative decisions while shopping, at home and during waste management. How exactly do you do it? You can read all about it below.

…In the kitchen

  • Do not buy in advance. We throw away tons of food every year into the bin – usually because we buy too much and store it improperly at home. Therefore, always make a shopping list and strictly stick to it.
  • Use food until the end. If you have something left over from dinner – put it in the fridge and use it in your meal the next day. Make meatballs with rice, casserole with pasta and egg paste from eggs
  • Make use of leftovers: prepare a coffee scrub with coffee grounds, peel from citrus fruit for bird feeders, and egg shells to fertilize pot plant soil.

… On a journey

  • Do not print tickets. Regardless of whether you travel by plane, train or bus, you can show your digital ticket on the screen of your phone.
  • Have a water bottle with you. This will avoid buying water in a plastic bottle. In winter take a thermos (flask) with you.
  • It doesn’t matter if you go on a picnic to Cutteslowe Park, White Horse Hill or to Hartslock Nature Reserve, every time take a picnic basket – not only will you avoid producing rubbish, but the dishes will look beautiful. Pack moist products in reusable containers, and use waxed wraps instead of food foil

… In the bathroom

  • Make cosmetics yourself. You can find many recipes for cosmetics made from everyday food products.
  • Buy toilet paper in bulk. Usually, rolls are packed into plastic packs of 4, 6 or 8 pieces. However, more and more stores are also selling individual rolls. They are available in bulk, with only in a paper jacket.
  • Use reusable make-up remover pads that you cut from an unnecessary towel, terry sheet or pillowcase. Such pads can be washed in a washing machine (preferably in a laundry bag or in a tulle bag) and used again and again.
  • Give up personal hygiene items. Sanitary pads and tampons can be successfully replaced with a menstrual cup. Popular disposable diapers can be replaced with reusable diapers

… When shopping

  • Do not take plastic bags. Always keep your own material tote bag in your handbag, which you can pack your purchases into.
  • Give up thin bags, in which fruits and vegetables are usually weighed. I weigh individual items and print the price directly on the peel. Or I use thin canvas bags
  • Choose the products without packaging. Use your boxes and bags for loose products
  • Do not take a payment confirmation. When you pay by card at the store, cashiers ask if you want to print a receipt. Refuse if you don’t need it.

We CARE deeply about protecting our Mother Earth.
For example, our team use only specially treated cloths, ex. nano silver cloths when doing cleaning work for our clients. We know that you care too… Together, let’s keep our Planet clean. Let’s start from Oxfordshire.

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