10 ideas on how to make moving house a less problematic one

10 ideas on how to make moving house a less problematic one

10 ideas on how to make moving house a less problematic one 1800 1200 Housewell

A few weeks before the planned move:

  • Assemble cardboard boxes, collect string, tape, old newspapers (including advertising magazines), foil, leftover textiles for packing and protecting your belongings
  • Browse the contents of the cabinets and drawers one by one and throw away anything unnecessary
  • Arrange contracts for two-day care for a child, a dog and a cat, to avoid an accident during the moving chaos and rush.

On the day:

  • Prepare a survival kit: change of clothes, pyjamas, basic medicines and cosmetics, tapes, scissors, sewing kit, lighter, documents, phones, wallets, tablets, chargers, contacts (for new neighbours, plumber, electrician, doctor, food delivery etc.), keys to the old and new apartment, dry snacks, bottled water and ingredients for the first meal, e.g. Spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  • Pack things from each room separately, it will make unpacking easier
  • Pack small items into larger ones, e.g.., pack spices in a pot and cover with a lid; jewellery and other small items stick with tape to cartons or paper tubes
  • Clearly describe the boxes (left bottom cabinet) and packages (shelves from the living room) and take pictures of the contents of the boxes to avoid searching all
  • Clothes that hang on hangers pack together in garbage bags
  • Take pictures of cable systems, screw sequences, assembly instructions, and then you won’t have problems with re-assembling everything
  • Leave a vacuum cleaner, trash bags or boxes and wet cleaning tissues on top

If you are still scared about the move, call us. Together, it will go much faster! We operate in the Oxfordshire and Berkshire areas.

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